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Current Gazette ad

Vehicles, Trailers, Tool boxes, Tools,
Automotive parts, Lightbars, Motors,
Compressors, Welders, Pallet Jacks,
Pallet lifts, 4'x8' nutting carts, Vacuum
formers, Trade show displays,
Computers, Household items, Work
tables, Kilns, Firearms, and more. For more
see www.storagefinds.forsale
    51 Williams Blvd Fairfax, Ia
         Sept 29th 10-4pm
     Cash, PayPal, CC accepted

      Sale location will be at Vance's Storage 51 Williams Blvd. Fairfax, Iowa 52228click pic for larger view

Sealed bid item list
Lot "A"  Trade Show Display
Lot "B"  Champion Sign
Lot "C"  Lincoln Idealarc R3S 400 Welder
Lot "D"  Duncan DK 1029-2 Electric Kiln
Lot "E"  Amaco Model HF 97 Electric Kiln
Lot "F"  Pallet Lift Electric powered
Lot "G" Hydrovane Air Compressor
Lot "H" Hobart mega flex 650-rvs Welder
Lot "I"  Pallet lift manual pump
Lot "J"  M103 Military Trailer 2.5ton
Lot "K"  Small trailer
Lot "L"  1996 Jaguar XJ6
Lot "M" 1979 Ford E-350
Lot "N"  Metal workbench 4'x8' w/edge (gray)
Lot "O"  Metal workbench 3'x8' (blue)
Lot "P"  4'X8' Nutting cart (5 available)
Lot "Q" Vacuum former tall
Lot "R" Vacuum former small
Lot "S" Vacuum former big
Lot "T" Tool box for truck 8' long  (includes 2)

Contents of 3 storage units will be up for sale.

Pictures will be uploaded this week to show things available. We are still in the process of putting items together.

Firearms in the sale will be a Thunder Five revolver (.410/.45LC), a LLama .45 acp 13rd semi-auto pistol, a .22lr rifle, a 37mm flare launcher, and .45acp ammo and .308 ammo. All sales will require the firearm to be transferred by an FFL holder. I will deliver the firearm to a dealer of your choice in the Cedar Rapids/Marion/Fairfax area. Any fees for the sale/transfer are the responsibility of the buyer.

PayPal does not allow payment for ammo or weapons so only cash will be accepted for firearm and ammo sales.

Payments accepted are cash, PayPal, and credit cards (credit cards through portable credit card read using my phone). Buyers are responsible for sending PayPal payments. No electronic devices are available on site for buyers to use to send payments. Please use your own mobile devices to send payment. This is for security. I can receive PayPal payments into my personal PayPal account. I am not a business but I can accept credit cards using a PayPal mobile card reader that uses my phone to transmit the data/transaction. This allows for payments using credit cards and the buyer does not need to have a PayPal account.

Some items will be sold using a sealed bid process. We will have paper to write your name/contact info and bid amount for specific items. We will contact the highest bidder and make arrangements for payment and removal.

If more than one person has the highest bid, all equal bidders will be contacted and allowed to increase their bid amount. You are not obligated to change your bid. If no bid increase is received from equal bidders, a random selection will be made to select the winner.

There are no fees for any transactions. I am not a business. These are our personal items. That means there is no tax and no fees for making payments. What you see listed for price on an item is the full price you pay. For sealed bid items, you only pay the amount you write down as your bid. No additional fees are collected for sales.

Please bring any necessary items/manpower to remove items. If assistance is needed to load items, a $20 "lift" fee will be added to your purchase. I have a forklift and will charge $20 for items I have to load. Some items for sale/bid will NOT be charged a "Lift" fee as the items require a forklift to move.

All sales are final and items are as-is condition. We reserve the right to reject any bid or sale. Items may be added or deleted from sale at any time.

Please plan on removing items the same day. Winning bidders from the sealed bid items can make arrangements to remove those items. We will work with those buyers to arrange time and day as needed.

Current vehicle ads in the Gazette, Facebook, and Craigslist


Selling each vehicle as a whole (not stripping for parts)

1996 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas (Located in Fairfax) $***   *sealed bid sale Sept 29th*

1998 Buick Lesabre Limited (Located in SW CR) $500

1994 GMC 3500 4x4 with Western snowplow (Located in SW CR) *Sold*

1979 Ford E-350 cube van (Located in Fairfax) $***       *sealed bid sale Sept 29th*

1960's made Sprint car trailer (Located in Fairfax) $***   *sealed bid sale Sept 29th*

1970's M103A3 Military Trailer (Located in Fairfax) $***   *sealed bid sale Sept 29th*

Click pics below to go to items page for description, pics, and prices.

All items are as-is. No refunds.

The best way to contact me is through email. If you don't get a reply within 24 hours, please send another message.